Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Democratic Activists Were Detained in Zhodino


United Democratic Forces (UDF) continue campaign on distribution of the Anti-crisis proposals. On Friday eight activists of the United Civil Party, the "Young Democrats" and Labor Party visited Zhodino. The aim of this visit was to distribute the newspapers "Glotok Vozduha", "Novy Chas", leaflets and booklets "Anti-crisis platform: 20 questions and answers" near the plant BELAZ.

But the militia officers (14 persons) were already waiting for the activists near the plant.

According to the chairman of Minsk regional organization of the United Civil Party Vladimir Kazak, "militia officers did not conceal the intention to prevent the distribution of the materials with the Anti-crisis proposals of the UDF".

Six activists of the UCP and the "Young Democrats" were detained. Anatoly Lebedko and Nikolai Pokhabov avoided arrest and distributed about 500 copies of the newspaper among the workers of BELAZ.

When the detainees were released, they continued to distribute the information on the mailboxes. It was distributed several thousand copies of newspapers and leaflets.

"The authorities should propose effective measures to overcome the consequences of the crisis, but not to struggle against the Anti-crisis platform of the United Democratic forces" - vice-chairman of the "Young Democrats" Alexander Sergeenko noted.