Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

“Air war“ between Minsk and Moscow is suspended


Air service between Minsk and Moscow has been stopped. The national airline Belavia informed in Twitter.

Russian aviation authorities have withdrawn permission for Belavia flights. In response, Belarus, withdrew permission to run regular flights to all Russian companies.

As a result, not a single airline can no longer operate flights in the direction of Minsk-Moscow and back.

In Belavia reported that the airline returns full amount of ticket price and will rebook tickets for free.

The reasons for the "air war" will be announced at a press conference which starts today at 11.00 in the Minsk office of the company.

At 10.00, it became known that the Belarusian and Russian sides temporarily removed the ban on air service between Minsk and Moscow, the general director of "Belavia" Anatoly Gusarov informed.

"We learned that Russians removed the ban on flights. We also are removing the ban", the head of the airline said.

"But the decision to remove a ban was taken temporarily - until Thursday", Gusarov said . "On Thursday the negotiations on air service between Minsk and Moscow to start", he added.