Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Minsk - raid on the opposition. About 50 people detained

Late in the evening of 8 February riot police stormed the house where the meeting of "Litvinski Club" (Christian Historical Club) took place. Everybody ware arrested (about 40-50 people) ,they were brought to Moskovski Police Department of Minsk. This was reported in Facebook by Vital Rymasheuski and Andrei Kim.

According to the BCD's co-chairman Vital Rymasheuski, the detention has happened around 19 o'clock. As it became known, unexpectedly during the meeting of the club special forces began to smash windows in a private house where the meeting took place. And they were braking a glass in a kids room. Only by a miracle the children were not injured. Everybody were detained, except the house owners' children and their mother. All the detainees were loaded into buses and taken to Moskovski Police Department. Distribution of drugs is being incriminated to them. If information about drugs is not confirmed, they were promised to be released in two hours.

Vital Rymasheuski urged journalists and social activists to organize assistance to the detainees. "Thus we see another madness of the authorities before the elections", he said in an interview to "Belarusian partisan".

Vital Rymasheuski came to Moskovski Police Department. There were also Anastasia Palazhanka and Boris Goretsky. According to the BCD co-chairman, passers-by saw how from a red-bus "MAZ" about 40 people were taken to the police department. However, the duty officer said he didn't know of any detention and that no one was brought to the police department. "If to believe him, it turns out that the detainees had disappeared. It's possible the duty officer lies, or those who headed the arrest didn't consider it appropriate to tell him about this", he said, adding that now writes a complaint to the head of Moskovski Police Department.

On February 8, in the "Litvinski Club" it was planned to discuss the book of Franciszek Alekhnovich "In the jaws of the SPD" (State Political Directorate). "Perhaps, the regime which erects monuments to Stalin and Dzerzhinsky - the executioners of Belarusian people, regarded it as a personal insult", he stressed.

Around 21.50 the detainees were let out of Moskovski Police Department. Three people were released. The detainees were held in the auditorium, where their personal records had been copied. Afterwards they were started being released without any explanations. Now the liberated are going to write a complaint against the mass arrests. "This duty officer still refuses that detainees were brought to the police department. And this despite the fact three people had already left", said the BCD co-chairman. He said, the special forces broke all the windows in the house rooms, despite the door was not locked.