Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

In the new year with new prices for petrol and diesel fuel


In Belarus from January 1, 2012 the excise rates on petrol and diesel fuel have changed.

The decision is in the law of Belarus N330-3, which amends and supplements the Tax Code of the Republic. This means, the regular price increases are not far away. Here's a New Year's surprise ​​the government made for motorists.

According to the news portal interfax.by, in particular, the excise rate in 2012 for petrol with an octane number "95" and above is defined at the level of Br932,99 thousand per 1 ton, which is 29.6% less than it was before, for petrol with an octane number up to "91" it is increased by 42.2% to Br1,326 million, for gasoline with an octane number from "92" to "95" will remain at the same level, Br1,169 million.

Also, the rates on a commodity diesel fuel rose by 11.1% to Br751,4 thousand per ton, biodiesel and diesel fuel which correspond to STB 1658-2006 (EN590: 2004) - by 4.4% to Br240,22 thousand, marine fuel - by 4.4% to Br751,4 thousand.

The rate of excise duty on liquefied petroleum gas used as motor fuel changed by the same amount - it is Br135,8 thousand per ton, and compressed natural gas used as motor fuel - Br256, 23 thousand per 1 thousand cubic meters.

As UDF.BY reported earlier, in 2011 the price of fuel in Belarus rose 11 times. The last time - in early December. According to the concern "Belneftekhim", the revision of prices of petroleum products is carried out "for a phased convergence of the prices for goods in the Customs Union, and in order to improve the efficiency of the Belarusian oil refineries".

Now on Belarusian market are the following prices for petrol and diesel fuel:

AI-95 petrol - Br6100,
AI-92 petrol - Br5700,
Normal-80 petrol- Br5400,
diesel fuel - Br6300.