Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Motorists are preparing to protest against rise in fuel prices


Civil Initiative "Stop Petrol" called on motorists to take part in the regular campaign against rise in fuel prices. It should happen the next day after changing price tags. However, it is still unknown when it will happen exactly.

Rumors of a coming rise in fuel prices have been disturbing the motorist community from last Friday. On Internet forums, citing reliable sources in the "Belneftekhim", it was reported that the price increase will amount to 40-45%.

Reasons for panic are the statements of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas, which he made ​​after the National Bank of Belarus on October 20 devalued the national currency by 52%.

"It wasn't the last increase in petrol prices, until the end of the year we have to raise prices once again, if we want to ride and not walk", Rumas said.

This information has provoked huge queues at petrol stations. However, on Saturday the announced price rise didn't happen.

"Euroradio", referring to petrol stations operators, informed that it would happen in the middle of this week. On Tuesday, the media company BelaPAN reported that the fuel prices would rise until the end of the week by 25% at the average.

In connection with the upcoming soaring, the campaign "Stop Petrol" appealed to motorists calling them to block the central streets of Minsk as a protest.

"Officials and state power have completely brought people into poverty. Higher prices for motor fuel have finally undermined a family budget of every Belarusian family. And the most popular type of fuel, which the majority of motorists has chosen - diesel fuel was equalized with the price of fuel, on which officials and rich people drive - gasoline A-95. We are motorists have chosen diesel fuel wishing to save our meager earnings. We can no longer afford not only to buy fuel, but to feed and clothe our children normally. We are those on whom the authorities want to drive away from the crisis, in which they have brought everyone. The price of diesel fuel directly affects the price of goods and services, it is the fuel which all the cargo transportation runs on.

In the near future they plan the next rise in fuel prices, and it won't be the rise by 3-5%, but by 20-40%, it is necessary to show our displeasure and distrust to the government. And the only safe way to express your opinion is the automobile protest action",
the statement says.

Organizers promise that the action will be held "in a format that provides the maximum safety of participants and excludes the possibility of pressure from the traffic police, and is almost invulnerable to the attempts to disrupt or impede the action protesters".

If the price increase happens, it will be the tenth rise in fuel prices in Belarus this year.