Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

In Moscow Domodedovo was detained Anatol Lyabedzka

At the airport Domodedovo on Tuesday was detained Anatol Lyabedzka the leader of the United Civil Party of Belarus. This was reported to Interfax by Leonid Gozman the former co-chairman of the Right Cause party.

"He called me himself and said that the border service at the airport Domodedovo had detained him without telling the cause. I didn't managed to find out any details now. Lyabedzka doesn't answer a call", said L.Gozman.

In the United Civil Party they could neither confirm nor deny the information to UDF.BY correspondent about the detention of Anatol Lyabedzka at the airport Domodedovo.

According to Lev Margolin the deputy chairman of the party, the details and reasons of the detention haven't been known yet.

Answering the question whether there is a possibility that the politician has the second passport, Lev Margolin said that "there is nothing supernatural".

- I wasn't interested in the details. Most likely, this is simply the passport, where too many visas were put on, and it is still valid. Since there is no space for visas, then one gets a new passport. The old one is supposed to be taken, but if there is unfinished visa, it is kept. I guess, most likely this is the option, - said the deputy chairman of the UCP. He added that there couldn't be any serious consequences in such a case for Lyabedzka, because all the charges were dropped against him.

- What concerns some violations of the passport regime, the maximum what could be in accordance with our laws is a fine.

As it became known later, Anatol Lyabedzka is allowed to fly to Washington, said Leonid Gozman to Interfax.

The politician contacted the party leadership in Minsk, where they received the sms from Lyabedzka, that he was coming in to land.