Updated at 11:40,06-05-2021

Escaped from KGB Natallya Radzina was hiding in Moscow for four months

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After escaping from Belarus the editor of "Charter'97" Natallya Radzina hid in Moscow.

The journalist was released from the KGB jail on parole on January 28, 2011. In the evening of March 30 Radzina got on a train Brest-Minsk and allegedly went to the interrogation in Minsk. At night she went to the station "Luninets" where she met her friends, and was taken to Moscow by car. On April 1, Natallya Radzina has been already outside Belarus.

Natallya's passport was left in the KGB jail, therefore to obtain the documents she addressed to United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Russia. She has passed all the necessary formal procedures, and since her case was well documented, the issue of resettlement to a third country was considered on a priority basis. These 4 months Radzina lived in the apartment of their friends in Moscow, continuing to work as an editor of charter97.org website and trying not to appear in public places.

After the journalist was recognized as the refugee in terms of UN, the first country which provided her with an international support were Netherlands. On July 28 Radzina flew from Moscow to Amsterdam, but three days later went to Lithuania.

- After the presidential elections charter97.org website was registered in this country, here is my team, and I can carry out my functions of the editor completely now only in Vilnius. On August 4, I asked for political asylum in Lithuania - Natallya Radzina wrote on the website charter97.org. - I would never have gone out of Belarus, if, as Vysotski sang, was not "surrounded" from all sides. So, I had to answer, as I see fit.