Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Minsk Executive Committee allows Freedom Day action in Bangalore Square


The organizers of the action do not want to go there; they had been planning to gather people in Yakub Kolas Square.

Minsk authorities have not allowed the organizers of the Freedom Day action to conduct it the way they had been planning to. The officials have suggested that participants should gather in Bangalore Square but they do not want to go there. Let us remind you that the organizers had been planning to gather people in Yakub Kolas Square, lead them towards Yanka Kupala Park and organize a meeting there.

Police colonel Mr. Yauseyeu warned the organizers of the action at the meeting in Minsk City Executive Committee that "illegal actions" would be "severely punished", BCD activist Iryna Hubskaya has informed Euroradio about it.

The steering committee will gather on Monday to make the final decision about the action that will take place on March 25.