Updated at 15:00,06-02-2023

Presidential Elections to Take Place on December 19


This suggestion has been declared by the spokesman on the issue the deputy Vasil Baikou. The deputies have approved it.

The issue of presidential elections date was included into the agenda of today's session of the House of Representatives this morning, on September 14. The exact date was not informed in the beginning.

It was the deputy Vasil Baikou who spoke on this issue. He suggested the date December 19. An alternative suggestion of February 6, 2011 was made by the Deputy Hlaz. However, the House of Representatives declined this suggestion.

Presidential contenders should register their initiative groups no later than September 24. Territorial elections commissions should be formed before September 29. This was informed by the Secretary of the Central Elections Commission Mikalaj Lazavik, to the European Radio for Belarus.

Lazavik: "For those who run for President, the main task is to operatively register initiative groups for collecting signatures. Groups should file applications and lists to the Central Elections Commission 85 days before the elections day".

Calendar plan and signature sheets samples will be approved on September 15 at the session of the Central Elections Commission. These documents are necessary for both organizers of the elections and potential candidates, says the Secretary of the Central Elections Commission.