Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

15 initiative groups from BPF are registered


Authorities registered 15 initiative groups to collect signatures for nominating 12 BPF candidates for the House of Representatives.

As the party's press service informs, the largest number of initiative groups - 8 - are to work in Grodno region. In Vitebsk region three groups will collect signatures. In Brest region initiative groups of two potential candidates from the party are registered, in Mogilev - only one.

In Minsk in Autazavadski district № 92 the BPF chairman of Aleksei Yanukevich will run for deputy.

The party's June Sojm encouraged party members to register initiative groups, put pickets and collect signatures, but not to bring them into electoral commissions. In January, the BPF decided to nominate candidates and representatives in district election commissions, but to withdraw all the candidates by the party's body decision before early voting to start, if at that time in the country were the political prisoners and the nominated party's representatives were not included in district election commissions.