Updated at 14:48,20-09-2021

Hundreds detained in Minsk protest


Hundreds detained in Minsk protest
Several hundred people have been detained during a protest in central Minsk today. These include dozens domestic and foreign journalists.

Some reporters were soon released. Other detainees have been brought to various police departments.

The crackdown on today's Freedom Day demonstration was marred by extreme brutality. There were hundreds of riot policemen, including wearing guns, water canons and military vehicles.

Many protesters were reportedly beaten. See list of detainees here (in Belarusian).

Dozens were detained ahead of the protests across the country, including opposition leader Uladzimir Niakliayeu in Brest and human rights defender Siarhei Rusetski in Biaroza.

According to latest estimates, around 700 people were detained today. Most of them were finally released, either without charges or after facing charges of "illegal picketing". Around 100 protesters will spend the night at the police departments.