Updated at 23:17,14-04-2021

Polish PM has phone conversation with Belarus's President


Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Thursday talked on the phone about Ukraine.

They discussed the unfolding developments in Ukraine, but no further details of the conversation were released.

BELTA notes the phone call was made by the Polish PM.

Gazeta.pl adds that Tusk on Thursday also held talks with Ukraine's PM Arsen Yatsenyuk and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. He was also expected to talk to the NATO chairman as well. The Polish PM reckons the next several days will be key for Ukraine but it is still premature to talk about some optimistic scenario of how events could develop.

Prime Minister of Poland confirmed that he had talked with Lukashenka telephonically. 'This is the first conversation of such kind, linked to the dramatic developments in Ukraine,' he stressed. It was after the crackdown on the post-election protests in December, 2010 when the politicians talked last.