Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Femen's adventures in Belarus at Venice film festival (video)


The film depicts the history of the Femen movement in Ukraine till the moment of its transformation into an international movement.

Femen leader Hanna Hutsol has commented to Euroradio that the Minsk action of December 19, 2011 was also included into the documentary. The activists held a performance right at the KGB office doorsteps then.

Hanna Hutsol: Kitty Green was in Minsk with us, and was also kidnapped by the KGB, but in another way - the girls were kidnapped and taken to the woods while Kitty spent the whole day at the KGB office - she was arrested on the spot right after the action. They threatened her at first and then deported her to Lithuania. Kitty participated in the events. She managed to restore the video materials at the flash-cards - the action that we held at the KGB office doorsteps in Minsk. These shots will be included into the documentary, of course.

Euroradio has published the only video filmed at Femen action near the KGB so far.

The 70th Venezia film festival will take place on August 28-September 7. Legendary director Bernardo Bertolucci heads the jury.