Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Inesa Krutaya: More than once have I regretted that I survived that terroristic act

Radio Svaboda

Aliaksandr Krutoi will be transferred from Navinki where he underwent enforced medical treatment to outpatient observation at the place of residence.

Such a decision was taken by the Minsk Moscow district’s court on 11 December. At the process of the bombing in Minsk metro Aliaksandr Krutoi was representing the interest of his daughter, who had suffered from the explosion. Making speeches in the court he asked many questions and on the sixth day of the process he was detained. It has been half a year already that he has spent undergoing enforced medical treatment in the mental hospital in Navinki, Radio Svaboda reports.

At the end the enforced treatment of Aliaksandr Krutoi in Navinki was switched for enforced outpatient observation at the place of residence. Although this decision may be considered a win, the relatives of Aliaksandr Krutoi and himself are not happy with it. Firstly, because Aliaksandr will have to go live in Nesvizh where he is registered. Secondly, the decision will come into force only in ten days, whereas his daughter Inesa hoped that her father would be released today.

"If the doctors consider that he is healthy, it is illegal to hold him for another ten days! It is impossible to tolerate all that any longer, I expected that he would be released immediately! Those are tortures that have been going on for more than two years. It is hard for him to know that we suffer. Those are real tortures every day. In these two years I many times regretted that I survived that terroristic act", - Inesa Krutaya said.

Aliaksandr Krutoi have always considered his process political: "If I had stayed in the process I would have proved that Kanavalau and Kavaliou had nothing to do with that". He says that he was not present at any of the six court’s proceedings where he was the accused one.

Inesa Krutaya believes that there remains danger for her father. "At the moment he impeded to shoot the guys. In order for them to be easily killed he was sent to prison. And in order to frighten the rest. Since if everyone had seen that it had been allowed to speak, everything would have been different. They will not leave him alone. I do not even see a possibility to survive for him".