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Woman Arrested For 10 Days For Participating In City Tour About Holocaust


Woman Arrested For 10 Days For Participating In City Tour About Holocaust
Woman Arrested For 10 Days For Participating In City Tour About Holocaust BelarusFeed 2021-02-09 21:37:33

In Novogrudok, Zhanna Bobrovskaya was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for taking part in a tour on 24 January. This is despite the fact that the woman paid for the tour with a certified guide at a local museum, about 20 people took part in it. On that day, the woman was not detained, a police report was drawn up against her when she went to the police on another matter. The court ruled that she held a solitary unauthorized picket on January 24, local residents told TUT.BY.

Almost every Sunday residents of Novogrudok go on city tours. Locals say that the police officers usually follow them at these events. On 24 January, the excursion was dedicated to the history of the Holocaust. Some participants attached yellow five-pointed stars with the “23.34” inscription to their clothes [23.24 is one of the most “popular” article of the administrative code of Belarus in 2020-2021 – violation of the procedures for organizing or conducting public events].

“Someone took a photo during the tour and shared it in one of the Telegram channels. The tour went smoothly. Zhanna was walking somewhere behind a group, as she just recovered from an illness and it was difficult for her to walk fast. It seems that she also had a star on her clothes. However, as far as we know, neither the figure nor the numbers are prohibited in our country. Then, about 20 people took part in the walking tour, which lasted about two hours, no one was detained, no one made any comments, the police just watched us,” said the local residents.

Zhanna was not detained then, the police report against her was drawn up on 27 January, when she came to the police station on another matter. On 8 February, a court sentenced her was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for an unauthorized solitary picket. The woman had previously been convicted under the same article: in October, on Mother’s Day, she went to the main square with a banner. Then she served five days in a Korelichi detention centre.

In another development, on 31 January, during a regular city tour in Novogrudok, police detained a certified guide and the creator of the Museum of Jewish Resistance Tamara Vershitskaya. After being questioned by the police, she was released, but the tour and the screening of a film about the Holocaust had to be curtailed. Also, the former director of the local gymnasium, 72-year-old Alexander Bystrik, was taken to a district police department. He was detained in the city centre. The man never made it to the tour. Then the police officers searched his house.

Recall that on Sunday, 31 January, certified guide Oksana Mankevich and a group of tourists were detained during a tour around Minsk. They were exploring a historical centre – from Freedom Square to Independence Avenue and Independence Square. The Frunzensky District Court sentenced Mankevich to 15 days of arrest, while members of the tour group were fined.