Updated at 13:28,27-05-2022

20 years: Disappeared politicians remembered in Minsk


20 years: Disappeared politicians remembered in Minsk
Picket near GUM / Euroradio
On 16 September, some 15 activists with white-red-white flags gathered near the Central Department Store (GUM) in Minsk to commemorate politician and former chair of Central Election Commission Viktar Hanchar and his friend businessman Anatol Krasouski who had gone missing 20 years before.

The relatives of the disappeared and the political forces in opposition to President Lukashenka insist the men were abducted for political reasons, putting the finger towards Belarusian officials.

The picket was organized during the collection of signatures - a stage during the parliamentary election campaign currently in full swing in Belarus to nominate potential candidates for the seats in the parliament. The activists were collecting signature for Mikalai Kazlou, leader of the opposition United Civil Party.