Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Will Belarus opposition leaders share a Brussels hotel room with a homosexual?

Zmicier Lukashuk, Euroradio

Pavel Seviarynets, co-chair of the unregistered political party Belarusian Christian Democracy considers homosexuality a disease. He has the right for his opinion out of respect for the freedom of expression. Seviarynets, being a leader of the political structure, told Marharyta Taraykevich, a Belarusian Christian Democracy member, to leave the ranks of the party for not sharing "Christian views."

What will be the reaction of pro-democracy political leaders to a homosexual being a party member?

United Civil Party (UCP) leader Anatol Lyabedzka claims sexual orientation has no influence. "To paraphrase Pope Francis, who am I to comment on this?" Lyabedzka responds with a question.

"I don't think he will have a problem due to his [sexual] orientation," Fair World party leader Siarhei Kaliakin reassures me and notes that decisions on membership are made at the grassroots level - not by the party leader.

Ex-presidential candidate and deputy chair of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Ryhor Kastusyou suddenly reflects on Christian principles: "Here we have a complicated question: to what extent can someone who recognizes Christian principles can be gay? Party membership criteria are as follows: recognition of the party manifesto and the statutes...”

OK, it is clear with the party membership. But what about the situations when they have to go on a business trip together with a gay colleague and probably shate a hotel room?

"No problem!" respond Anatol Lyabedzka and Andrei Dzmitryeu. But why would they need to add immeditately that never share hotel rooms with anyone?

“I am a self-sufficient person. I can afford living a single room when needed!” Dzmitryeu gets angry.

Ryhor Kastusyou and Aleh Haydukevich warn that just in case... they are ready to protect their dignity.

Aleh Haydukevich: “I will never behave in such a way that I turn away from those people. This is not right. They are people, expecially, when they are Belarusians. If there is no place to live in, I will live with them. Don't worry - he will not do anything to me! Everything will be okay. I will have enough possibilities to defend myself.”

Only Pavel Seviarynets is strict: this is sin.

Seviarynets: “A person who feels himself homosexual can come to churh and repent and struggle with this sin. Such a person is getting closer to sanctity and in my eye he is a hero despite having this issue. He struggles and follows his path to Christ. But when he comes to the party ans says: "I am gay and I think it is normal. I feel proud and think this should be a norm for our society," he will not be allowed in this case. This contradicts the Christian faith and the manifesto of Belarusian Christian Democracy. Such a person cannot be a member of our party!”