Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

FM Makey to Belsat TV: New legal framework needed for Belarus-EU cooperation (ENG video)


Uladzimir Makey, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, has made a comment in response to the question from a Belsat journalist about the future of Belarus-EU relations in the wake of president Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s visit to Italy and the Vatican.

It was Lukashenka’s first visit to the EU after the bloc lifted its sanctions on the Belarusian authorities. The Belarusian leader met with Italian Prime Minister Sergio Mattarella and Pope Francis.

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“Our cooperation with the EU was established on a normal legal basis. We are still guided by the agreement signed by the USSR and the European Economic Community in 1989. Now the situation has changed, circumstances have changed, and of course, the situation needs to to be adapted to these circumstances. A new legal framework for the normal interaction between Belarus and the EU should be created.

At that, we proceed from the fact that we should not violate the obligations we took on within the Eurasian Economic Union, the Union State and other integration structures and associations,” the Belarusian Foreign Minister told Ales Silich, our correspondent in Brussels.