Updated at 13:31,08-06-2021

Ex-political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou becomes Ukrainian citizen


Belarusian ex-political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou fighting on Ukraine’s side in Donets Basin has received the Ukrainian citizenship, commander of a volunteer battalion Mikola Kahonivski wrote on Facebook.

The Belarusian applied for citizenship himself, Kahonivski wrote. SBU asked him why he could not return home. Two cases had been started against him in Belarus – ‘for national activity’ and for ‘mercenary activities’. The Belarusian KGB confirmed the information to the Ukrainian Security Service. Thus, Vasil Parfyankou became a Ukrainian citizen.

The Belarusian’s call sign in the ATO zone is ‘Syabro’ (‘friend’).

“Vasil Parfyankou ( Syabro) is known for struggling against the Lukashenka regime in Belarus. He is a brave and disciplined warrior in Ukraine. He fought well in Peski and spent two months recovering from a wound,” Kahonivski wrote.

Other Belarusians are also fighting against pro-Russia militants in Ukraine. Ex-political prisoner Eduard Lobau is among them.