Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Only petrochemicals and tobacco still make money

Solidarity with Belarus information office

As of May 2014, 61 enterprises, subordinated to the state, will be required to list BYR 463 billion (EUR 34.0 million) to the National Development Fund. Payments should be made in equal instalments each month until the year-end.

More than 80 % of the total amount to be transferred to the Fund will be due by the tobacco factory Neman and Belneftehim companies. This implies, that other economic sectors’ performance is rather poor and that they will not provide the anticipated level of budget revenues in 2014. As well, investment opportunities for these enterprises will be restricted. To patch budget deficit, the government might increase the number of inspections and other check-ups meant to replenish the state budget, and implement tougher sanctions for law violations.