Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Rusy proposes Belarusians to raise sheep instead of pigs


The Belarusian authorities recommend to raise sheep, geese and ducks instead of pigs.

The government is going to spend a week on working out an action plan to give people, who had to slaughter their pigs due to ASF, an opportunity to buy other livestock at lower prices, BelTA news agency cites deputy prime minister Mikhail Rusy.

"We will consider all questions relating to price, feed and compound feed supplies to decide whether it will be cattle, sheep, geese or ducks, if people want to have an additional source of income," the deputy PM said.

Mikhail Rusy thinks it would be more efficient for small pig farms to turn to other livestock if they don't have the necessary biological safety measures.

As for ASF, the deputy PM stressed that though being fatal for pigs it is not dangerous for people.