Updated at 14:48,20-09-2021

SIPRI: Belarus among Top 20 arms suppliers


The export of arms from Belarus has increased by 165%. These data were published in the annual report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The ranking is based on the data on export of conventional weapons in 2008-2012. Belarus increased arms sales by 165% in the last four years as compared to 2003-2007. According to SIPRI, Belarus is among the world's top 20 weapons suppliers, Radio Svaboda reports.

The world's largest arms exporters are the US, Russia, Germany, France and China. The main recipients are India, China, Pakistan, South Korea and Algeria.

The Belarusian authorities have repeatedly been accused of cooperation with rogue states.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute already reported that Minsk sold arms to Damask. According to researches, Belarus is among three largest arms suppliers to the Syrian dictator.

Cooperation with Assad doesn't cover only trade. Belarusian specialists offered technical support services. Some companies, for example Tetrahedron, helped Syria to upgrade air-defence systems. Specialists suppose that Belarusian enterprise Alevkurp helped to upgrade 48 Buk missile systems. Syrian opposition also claimed last year that Lukashenka cooperated Assad's regime in the military sector. Last September, the US Department of the Treasury accused Belarusian company Belvneshpromservice of selling fuses for general purpose aerial bombs to Damask. Washington earlier said the company cooperated in Iran.

Official Minsk was accused of involvement in arms supplies to Sudan. UN epsrts in March 2013 said that Belarus sold warplanes and rockets to the African country in violation of international sanctions.

In 2011, international organisations informed that Belarus sold weapons to Libya amid civil war between anti-Gaddafi forces and pro-Gaddafi troops. An IL-76 carrying weapons was reported to have flown from Minsk to Tripoli.

A Belarusian trace was noticed at the military parade in Pyongyang. Some observers turned attention that wheels in North Korean missile system resemble products of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

It should be reminded that in March, the Belarusian authorities set new rules and order of definition and licensing of dual use goods and technologies that can be used military equipment production. The Operational and Analytical Centre under the Aegis of Lukashenka was given power to identify the goods and technologies of dual use. The right to issue licenses to trade intermediaries. was given to the State Military and Industrial Committee. The new rules allowed to close arms trade for “accidental people”.