Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Lukashenka frightens Belarusian business


President warned Belarusian business of the "inadmissibility of financing opposition".

"If any of the businessmen finances the fifth column or to negatively influence the society in any other way, then I will consider that they (the businesses - Interfax) have joined the political struggle, the struggle against the state. And there we have separate laws, so they should not feel offended these businessmen", - Lukashenka stated on Tuesday at a meeting on the activities of the Council for Entrepreneurship Development, Interfax reports.

Addressing the members of the renewed Council he warned them of the mistakes that the previous convocation made.

"I want you to clearly realize: any attempts of businessmen to influence the state authorities in order to obtain a cover for their good life will turn a failure for such initiatives and structures", - the ruler said. According to him, for the work of the Council "it must become a norm not to lobby for the interests of separate companies, but a large-scale comprehensive activities".

"Not pushing for preferences and budget subsidies, but increasing the input of the private sector into the GDP production, increasing the effectiveness of our economy", Lukashenka stated.

President turned attention to the fact that the Council for Entrepreneurship Development – "is practically the only council created with him". In due time, Lukashenka noted, "new people appeared, a lot of confusion, many of those in the law enforcing agencies and among the officials who wanted to provide covers and make money on businessmen". "There were many of those who wanted to bend businessmen over, put them in jail, sink them", - he stated.