Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

Oil refineries complain about lack of oil


Mozyr oil refinery expects a 20% decrease in utilization rate due to reduction in oil supplies from Russia.

"The utilization rate is expected to fall by approximately 20% in comparison with the current rate," a refinery representative told Interfax-West news agency.

He noted that Mozyr refinery started to gradually complete the scheduled overhaul on October 15. All processing units, which operation was stopped for a month for repair works, will be put into operation in the next few days. The crude oil destination unit will run at 100%utilization rate.

The representative of the refinery however notes that he has no information about the precise forecast of the refining throughput in October.

"We don't have plans for October so far. Everything depends on the volume of supplies from Russia. There is no decision if Belarusian oil will be refined or continued to be exported," the refinery representative said.

He remarked that Mozyr oil refinery didn't have the schedule of oil products shipment to Russia as part of Belarus's obligations under oil balance for 2012.

"There's no understanding who should carry out deliveries – the plant itself or the Russian companies involved in processing here," the refinery Representative explained.

The new agency's source said commenting on the demands of the Russian Ministry of Energy regarding the volume of Belarusian oil products export, that they were "unreal". "It is absolutely unreal to deliver this volume in the fourth quarter of the year. The Ministry of Energy doesn't quite understand what it wants when it sets such requirements. These demands are highly unlikely to be implemented. It is physically impossible," the refinery representative stressed.