Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Inflation in Belarus reached 70%

In Belarus for 1-20 September, consumer prices, according to the National Statistics Committee, have risen by 10.5% compared to average prices in August, reports the committee.

As it was reported previously in January-August an inflation in Belarus was 53.6% (including 8.9% in August). Thus, on September 20, as compared to the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose by 69.7%.

The biggest increase in prices since the beginning of the month has been registered for vodka (31%), pork, chicken eggs (25%), semi-prepared meat of beef (24%), sugar (20%), fowl (18%), salt herring (15% ), cooked sausage (13%), vegetable and animal oil , beer (10%), live fish, beef of the first category, milk and dairy products, bread and bakery products, soft drinks (6-9%), pastry, tea , mayonnaise (4.6-5.5%), tobacco (35%), medicines (17%), wallpaper (15%), electric goods (11%), footwear (10%), furniture, clothes, perfume and cosmetics, detergents (5.9-8.1%), higher education (15%), household (6.4%), public transport (6.3%), medical service (3.9%), reports interfax.by.