Updated at 13:48,24-07-2024

Buckwheat planting in Belarus 37.5% complete

Buckwheat planting in Belarus 37.5% complete
Belarusian agricultural workers have planted buckwheat on 37.5% of the planned area, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 16 May, spring crops were planted on the area of 1,912,700 hectares, which is 86.1% of the plan. Planting was done on 98.6% of the designated area in Brest Oblast, 88.4% of the area in Vitebsk Oblast, 74% of the area in Gomel Oblast, and 94.6% in Grodno Oblast, 89.6% in Minsk Oblast, and 70.2% in Mogilev Oblast.

Belarusian agricultural workers continue planting buckwheat (12,400 hectares, or 37.5% of the plan), millet (3,490 hectares, or 36.7%), flax (44,700 hectares, or 99.3%), sugar beet (93,200 hectares, or 94.6%), annual grasses (161,700 hectares, or 60.7%), vegetables (4,450 hectares, or 71.8%). Potatoes were planted on 20,300 hectares, or 98.4% of the target, maize – on 808,100 hectares, 75.9%.

A total of 2,071,000 hectares of soil (93.2% of the plan) was prepared for sowing spring crops. This year, these crops will be planted on the area of 2,221,900 hectares.