Updated at 13:35,15-07-2024

Colza planting in Belarus over 50% complete

Colza planting in Belarus over 50% complete
Belarusian agricultural workers have planted colza on more than 50% of the planned area, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 29 April, early spring crops (excluding corn, buckwheat and millet) were planted on the area of 568,300 hectares – 88.2% of the designated area. Planting was done on 83.3% of the designated area in Vitebsk Oblast, 98.5% of the area in Minsk Oblast, 40.6% of the area in Mogilev Oblast. Planting in Brest Oblast, Grodno Oblast and Gomel Oblast was completed.

All in all, spring planting in Belarus was completed on the area of 844,400 hectares, or 38% of the total. Brest Oblast completed planting works on 51.9% of the planned area, Vitebsk Oblast – 35.2%, Gomel Oblast – 31.6%, Grodno Oblast – 55.4%, Minsk Oblast – 36.6%, and Mogilev Oblast – 17.1%. Belarusian agricultural workers also continue planting colza (17,100 hectares, or 51.8% of the plan), flax (21,000 hectares, or 42.3%), sugar beet (54,100 hectares, or 54.9%), annual grasses (74,200 hectares, or 27.8%), vegetables (1,450 hectares, or 23.4%). Potatoes were planted on 2,360 hectares, or 11.46% of the target, maize – on 99,400 hectares, 9.39%.

A total of 1,112,300 hectares of soil (50.1% of the plan) was prepared for sowing spring crops. This year, these crops will be planted on the area of 2,221,900 hectares.