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Kochanova: Belarus' economic priority is to meet people's needs

Kochanova: Belarus' economic priority is to meet people's needs
Natalya Kochanova
Belarus' number one economic priority is to meet people's needs, Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova said as she paid a visit to the Zarya agricultural company in Mogilev District on 6 April, BelTA has learned.

“The economic priority of our country is to meet the needs of our people. Personnel is key. Everything depends on specialists. Today a lot depends on us: food security, preservation of the country for our children and grandchildren,” Natalya Kochanova said as she met with the personnel of the Zarya agricultural company.

During the meeting Natalya Kochanova raised a number of important issues, including employee relations, working conditions, and housing. “The most important thing in working relations is fairness. If the management make commitments, they must comply with them. It is necessary to observe strict discipline in working teams,” she said.

The chairwoman of the Council of the Republic touched upon the current economic conditions Belarus is in due to external pressure. “We have recently monitored prices in Minsk trading facilities. There is enough domestic meat, poultry and dairy products in stores. There are some questions, however, about the assortment. In general, the situation is quiet. We are also monitoring unreasonable price hikes. Your company contributes to providing people with quality food. You process meat, sell finished products, which means another added value and, of course, better salaries,” she said.

The security of Belarus and its citizens was a separate topic to discuss at the meeting. “I assure you that the Belarusian people do not take and will not take part in any military operations. Our ancestors suffered horror, cold and hunger during the Great Patriotic War. They paid a high price for the victory. Belarus will never attack. But if they come to us, we will defend our country, territory and independence. We see how the world is changing, how attitudes are changing, how generations are changing. In this chaos, it is important for us to preserve our country,” she said.

Representatives of the Zarya personnel asked a number of questions during the meeting. One of the employees asked to fix the road in the village of Selishche, Mogilev District. The woman said that in bad weather the road turns into mud. There are a lot of pensioners in the village, and they find it difficult to move along such a road. The villagers were also promised to fix the street lighting, but nothing has been done. Natalya Kochanova gave instructions to deal with the issues.

After the meeting Natalya Kochanova was taken on a tour around the enterprise and was shown the range of the company's products.

Zarya agricultural company is one of the largest farms in Mogilev Oblast and is one of the country's largest producers of broiler chicken, pork, beef, milk and grain.