Updated at 14:18,20-03-2023

Belarusian distributor of Liqui Moly ends contract with brand


Belarusian distributor of Liqui Moly ends contract with brand
Belarusian distributor has refused to cooperate with Liqui Moly / liqui-moly.com​
The Liqui Moly distributor in Belarus has canceled a contract with the brand. The Belarusian company is unhappy with the brand's "political decision" to refuse to support the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk.

"This politicized statement of a commercial organization makes it impossible for us to further cooperate with this supplier for obvious reasons," reads the statement.

This is unlikely to be a significant loss for Liqui Moly, as the market in Belarus is small. Interestingly, the distributor is the company OBK Group. It is linked with the son-in-law of former Prime Minister of Belarus Syarhei Sidorsky.

As previously reported, Liqui Moly refused to sponsor the World Hockey Championship following Nivea, Škoda and Tissot. The German automotive oil company explained its decision by the current situation in Belarus, as well as the government's policy, treatment of protesters and obvious violations of human rights.