Updated at 13:21,04-09-2023

10 Most Famous People From Belarus In Business


BelarusFeed continues its series of articles about famous Belarusians who make us feel proud. We’ve told you about celebrities with Belarusian roots and women who shaped the world. Businessmen are the next ones!

*The list is compiled at no particular order.

Alexander Moshensky

Alexander Moshensky is one of few Belarusian businessmen who represent a business dynasty. Joining his father’s company Santa Impex Brest he turned it into one of the largest food holdings on the post-Soviet space.

The company is known mainly for two major brands: Santa Bremor (processing and supplying fish and seafood) and Savushkin Product (production of milk, dairy products, and fruit juices).

It also has interests in the EU, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. One of the streets in Brest is named in honor of his father, Mikhail Moshenksy.

Altogether, there are only two streets in Belarus named after businesspeople, and there’s a good reason for this! Meanwhile, Moshensky Jr. is also the Honorary Consul of Iceland in Belarus.

Viktor Prokopenya

Prokopenya is a technology entrepreneur and venture investor born in Belarus, now residing in London, UK. He is one of the initiators of Belarusian Decree on Development of Digital Economy.

He created Viaden Media, a software development company and the investment company VP Capital. The company focuses on the technology sector and supports promising start-ups.

Together with Larnabel Ventures Fund, it launched the world’s crypto exchange allowing traders to buy shares, gold, foreign exchange and other traditional assets with cryptocurrencies.

Viktor Prokopenya has been named Belarus’s Entrepreneur of the Year three times. With 4,2 million followers on Instagram, he is the most followed Instagrammer in Belarus.

Arkadiy Dobkin

Arkadiy Dobkin is a major American entrepreneur of Belarusian origin, the principal founder, CEO and President of EPAM Systems.

He is one of the most successful and influential businessmen of Belarus. Under his direction, EPAM has become one of the leading software and product engineering services companies in the world.

He has been recognized for opening the software talent pool of the former Soviet Union region and Central-Eastern Europe. Dobkin stood at the origins of the creation in 2005 of the High-Tech Park (HTP).

n 2012, EPAM Systems was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the country’s national flag – for the first and the only time in the history.

Victor Kislyi

Outspoken entrepreneur and passionate video game developer, Victor Kislyi is the man behind the blockbuster World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

Photo: mirtankov.su

In 1998, he established Wargaming that eventually turned into a leading global entertainment empire with 1,300 employees and 16 offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

In February 2016, Bloomberg put Kislyi on the list of billionaires. He also owns a bank and property in Cyprus, where he lives at the moment.

Natalya Lutsenko

Belarusian national and the second richest woman in Russia is Natalya Lutsenko with $350 million, according to Forbes.

Photo: woman.ru

The source of her wealth is agriculture company Sodruzhestvo, which she founded with her husband Alexander. Today their company (the spouses own 90% of the shares) is one of the largest processors of oilseeds in the CIS countries and Europe.

The group has also been actively investing in Belarus. In 2014, the largest agrological terminal in the country was put into operation in Smorgon, and since 2016, an oil processing plant has been under construction.

They also have warehouses in Brazil and river terminals in Paraguay.

Oleg Khusaenov

Starting his career with windows washing in 1990, the aviation engineer, together with his roommate created one of the largest car dealership companies in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Photo: probusiness.by

The first and most important partner of the “Atlant-M” holding was the Volkswagen Group. At the moment it includes 38 dealers in 3 countries: VW, Toyota, GM, Kia, Mazda, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Citroen, Lexus etc.

The owners of Atlant-M also invested in MTBank, pharmaceuticals, IT and other industries. In 2010, Oleg Khusaenov left the automotive business and engaged in investment activities.

Khusaenov is the founder of Zubr Capital, the first private equity fund management company in Belarus. Just in 2016, the company attracted $50 million to the country for business development.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is undoubtedly an internet star. He was born in Babruisk, moved to the U.S. and became a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and an internationally recognized speaker.

Having raised from rags to riches and millions following on Facebook and Twitter, Vaynerchuk willingly shares his story and secrets of success with others.

He is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media, leading New York-based companies VaynerMedia and VaynerX. VaynerMedia provides social media and strategy services to Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Anheuser-Busch, Mondelez, and PepsiCo.

With 600 employees in 2016, VaynerMedia grossed $100 million in revenue. The company also partnered with Vimeo to connect brands and filmmakers for digital content.

Luba Pashkovskaya

Luba Pashkovskaya from Belarus got in Forbes top 50 women in tech list that features women from across Europe who put technology at the heart of their rising businesses.

Photo: Forbes.com

She worked as Head of Mobile at software firm Viaden for some time. In 2013 she founded Red Rock Apps, a Belarus-based start-up that attracted 60 million users globally.

The company has ranked among the top mobile app publishers in health and fitness categories in Europe and the U.S. This milestone allowed the company to celebrated more app downloads than Fitbit or Nike. The company currently makes $30 million in annual revenue.

Vladimir Vasilko

One of the most active builders of retail chains in Belarus, he together with his partner Sergey Litvin, set up a company focused on small-scale wholesale of food products.

At the moment Eurotorg operates in 297 cities and towns and employs over 30,000 people. It is one of the first companies in Belarus to have raised long-term funding from the EBRD.

In 2017 Euotorg successfully debuted on international capital markets, placing $350million Eurobond on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Yury Melnichek

A Belarusian tech-entrepreneur, venture investor and software engineer. Born in Minsk, now living in Zurich.

Founder of free cartographic service MAPS.ME, AIMATTER company. In 2018 founded an investment company Bulba Ventures to invest in Belarus and ready-to-relocate to Belarus startups.

Apart from investment activities, Yury provides consulting services in venture investment, mobile applications marketing and consults IT-companies and startups working with machine learning, computer vision and data science.