Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

EU gives Belarus €560,000 to encourage urban cycling


EU gives Belarus €560,000 to encourage urban cycling
The European Union has allocated €560,000 to encourage Belarusians to ride bicycles in cities.

The project will encourage the development of bicycling infrastructure in Minsk and regions and enable more effective organization of the bicycle transport system, Darya Chumakova, representative of the Belarusian non-profit non-governmental organization Center for Environmental Solutions told the media at a press conference on 17 May.

Center for Environmental Solutions and Minsk Cycling Society have already started implementing the project since March this year. It will be completed in August 2019.

“During 30 months we will carry out socio-economic assessment that will show the benefits of developing cycling in our country,” Darya Chumakova said. “In Minsk, we will create the infrastructure that ill allow to introduce cycling traffic into the transport environment of the city”.

There are plans to arrange park and ride facilities in Minsk where people will be able to switch from mass transit systems to riding a bicycle in order to get to their destinations. Special meters will be installed on bicycle tracks to count the number of bicyclists.

Bicycle marathon “Viva, Rovar!” in Minsk

Thanks to the project, it will become possible to transport bicycles in public transport, which is rather difficult to do today.

In addition, an electronic information center and a map of cycle routes in Belarusian cities will be created, Darya Chumakova said.

She noted that the regional cities of Belarus will participate in the project, and with provided there’s active participation of amateur cyclists smaller towns can be involved, too.