Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Belarusians to live without imported sweets for half a year


It will be a long time before the first licences for importing confectionary are to be received.

Licences for importing confectionary imposed since June 1, 2014, means that after the stock is sold out, Belarus is to live without imported sweets for at least 5 months. Such a conclusion could be made from the report of the state concern of food industry “Belgospischeprom” on the current situation with licences, BelTA writes.

“Many importers address the state concern on the issue of agreements and terms of confectionary deliveries to Belarus, as well as approval of the licences for their importing. It is a difficult process, and it takes quite a long time, so there are no approved licences for importing foreign confectionary products so far,” the report reads.

It looks as if it is to take a lot of time for the new licences to be issued, if they are to be issued at all.

Licencing of importing confectionary has been imposed for 6 months, until December 2014, and is a non-tariff-based measure of home market protection allowed by the World Trade Organisation (in the case of Belarus it is a reduction of import).

Among the kinds of confectionary which should be licenced are starch syrup, white chocolate, dragеe, confectionary products in the form of chewing-gum and jelly; rock candy, chocolate and other food products containing cocoa, different types of chocolate sweets, including the ones containing alcohol; ginger, crackers and sweet biscuits, wafers. Licences are to be received for some kinds of pasta as well.