Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Over 100 Belarusian shops in Tax Free system


Over 100 Belarusian shops have joined the Tax Free system. Nearly 80 shops are located in Minsk. The information was released by Belarusian Deputy Trade Minister Vyacheslav Dragun during an out session of the Ministry’s board held in Nesvizh on 17 April to assess the readiness of the public catering and retail systems for the ice hockey world championship, BelTA has learned.

For the sake of encouraging sales to foreign tourists, including guests of the hockey championship, Belarusian retailers continue assimilating the VAT refund system, said the Deputy Trade Minister.

So far the enterprise Beltamozhservis, which operates the Tax Free system and takes care of VAT refunds, has signed 65 contracts with trade companies for the sake of rendering VAT refund services to foreign citizens. “Foreigners from 47 countries have already been issued nearly 400 receipts worth over Br1 billion,” added Vyacheslav Dragun. “The work to connect new retail outlets to the system continues as planned, however, there are a number of issues”.

For instance, only eight economic operators or 12.3% of the total number of companies that have signed the relevant contracts, play an active role in the Tax Free system.

Apart from that, Beltamozhservis now has 24 Tax Free receipts (6.6% of the total number) to the tune of about Br9 million with incorrect information. Due to the errors foreign buyers will never get the refunds, said the Deputy Trade Minister.

Apart from that, at present VAT refunds in cash to foreigners are practiced. “I believe the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus is capable of resolving the problem,” stressed the Trade Ministry representative. He added that the operation of the Tax Free system prior to the ice hockey world championship is closely monitored.