Updated at 13:10,05-06-2023

Lukashenka: We will pay $10 thousand for first child

By Ales Piletski, Еuroradio

The state leader has shared his plans to support families.

"We are thinking about the way to support women. And families… I have been suggested the project "Big Family". We could pay $10 thousand for the first child. We will open a dollar account. $20 thousand for the second child. And twice as much for the third one. If you put money to the account yourself, we will give twice more," Lukashenka said during his visit to BelAZ in Zhodzina.

Young families will also receive flats, the stet leader added.

"We will find money. If we don’t find cars, we will buy them. It is not a big deal. But if we do not have enough people in the country, there is no reason to talk about independence," Alyaksandr Lukashenka thinks.