Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Anti-drunk driving law passed in two readings


Cars will be confiscated for further violations. If loss of life occurs, the culprit may be imprisoned for 10 years.

MPs have passed the anti-drunk driving law (confiscation of cars from drunk drivers) in two readings at a time today. The law is called "Changes and amendments to the anti-drunk driving law", BELTA reports.

The amendments allow confiscating vehicles for repeated drunken driving within a year or for lending your car to drunk drivers. The only exceptions will be drunk driving after a car theft or as a result of borrowing the car without permission, etc.

The fines will also increase – form 1.5-3-5 million roubles to 5-10 millions.

Drunk drivers may be imprisoned for 6 months – 7 years is somebody receives heavy bodily injuries or dies in the car accident. If two or more people die because of the drunk driver, he or she may be imprisoned for 4- 10 years.

The Council of the Republic will consider the amendments next and then the document will have to be signed by the President.