Updated at 13:33,19-09-2022

Riot police raid nudist beach


Police again raided a nudist beach on Zaslauye Reservoir (Minsk Sea) outside Minsk.

Police officers make video of naked people, return to their bus and watch the footage. They then proceed to more decisive actions: detain and issue fine to amatours of nude sunbathing.

The story began last summer. Police officers visited the nudist beach every day and ordered people through a megaphone to get dressed. This year, they decided to take more radical measures, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi newspaper writes.

Riot police raid nudist beach

Policemen answer to protesting nudists they just do their work.

They watch footage in their bus and return to the beach again to caught those they apparently find most attractive.

An attempt to detain one of the women provoked indignation of other sunbathers.