Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Wood processing plants on prohibition to quit: ask Lukashenka about this


Wood processing plants administrations do not know how to prohibit their workers to quit and refer to the Labour Code.

"If their boss lets them go, they can go, if not - they must stay there and work. In case of violation - let them be subjected to forcible labour. If a worker quits - forcible labour at his workplace. Otherwise, we will come to the situation when they will wander around Minsk and Barysau and stick pitchforks into each other", - Alyaksandr Lukashenka said during his visit to "Barysaudreu".

9 enterprises of "Bellesperapram" undergo modernization today. Let's see whether any workers can quit their jobs there. "Rechytsadreu" refers to the Labour Code.

"Ask this question to the person who said this, - they tell us at the enterprise. - The Labour Code is still in force here".

About 15 people quit here per month. The reasons are usually moving or workplace changing. However, there's no personnel deficit - new workers come. A worker earns here about 3 million Belarusian roubles in average.

The modernization at "Ivatsevichdreu" started in 2006. Workers earn a little more than 3 million. As for keeping the work forces. It can be done only by increasing salaries, they tell us at this enterprise.

"A single law covers all of us so far. 10% a year quit", - say representatives of the "Ivatsevichdreu". However, they tell us not to worry - they just took 20 people, the graduates under assignment. It is interesting whether they would be able to quit after they serve their assignment, or have they been sent here forever?

"Homeldreu" has been under modernization for four years by now, they plan to complete it by 2014. They fired 96 people this year only for alcohol addiction. However, there's no personnel deficit here either: they took 100 graduates under assignment.

"We don't have such a problem. 80% of our workers work here constantly. The state leader visited Barysau and spoke about "Barysaudreu" precisely", - they think at the plant. The workers are paid 3-6 million here.

As for Mahileu wood processing plant, they took the state leader's words seriously.

"If he said not to fire people we won't", - they promised to Euroradio. However, they failed to explain how they were going to do this.

There cannot be any prohibition to quit until there is a corresponding decree about the workers of the wood processing plants, says lawyer Syarhei Zikratski:

"There is the Labour Code which allows an employee to quit. If someone does not let an employee go - this is the violation of the Code. If they adopt a corresponding decree, it will contradict the Code. However, decrees are higher than the Code in Belarus. However, there are still international legal norms which Belarus joined", - explains the lawyer.

It is unknown whether the modernization is as scary as the state leader pictures it.