Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

UCP to picket Belarusian television headquarters


Alyaksandr Sasnou, a speaker of the United Civil Party (UCP), demands to respect his rights of a parliamentary candidate and not appoint the date of recording pre-election debates on September 6, when he will be out of Minsk.

The UCP is going to picket the headquarters of the Belarusian Television and Radio Company in case of refusal.

"I lost the right to take part in debates," ucpb.org quotes Alyaksandr Sasnou. "Recording was to be held on September 3, but it was postponed allegedly due to equipment failure, as a representatives of the television company told me on the phone. I said I would be out of Minsk on September 6 and asked not to appoint the debate on that day. And that's what I have! A day before the recording I was told it would be on September 6. By the way. they lied to me. There was not equipment failure. The CEC just needed to release an illegal ruling. How do you call it? I demand to postpone the debates to another date. I will be in Minsk from September 7.

It looks especially strange after Lidzia Yarmoshyna's complaints about the dull campaign and unwillingness of the opposition to have debates. I want to have debates! But what do I see? They do everything to cancel recording!

I warn that I will picket the television and radio company with involvement of independent press, OSCE observers and wide public if my rights are violated and I am not given an opportunity to take part in debates taking into consideration my absence in Minsk on September 6."