Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Expert: In fact, in Belarus are 7-10% of unemployed

Belsat TV

$500 salaries are only promises. In search of a better life thousands of Belarusians leave the country. Official statistics show a significant outflow of personnel in many sectors of the economy. Only during the first four months of the year 38,000 people left the construction field, 70,000 - the industries.

According to Belstat on May 1 four million five hundred and sixty-five hundred people have worked in the real sector. This is less by 2 percent, or more than one hundred thousand people than for the corresponding period of the last year. Moreover, the outflow of personnel will increase as the creation of Single Economic Space contributes to this. The main reason for the personnel outflow is the monetary policy of the state. And not only specialists leave, but also businessmen, young people are also leaving.

Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk notes that until recently, until the gap in salaries between Russia and Belarus was not significant, there was no official information on those who went abroad. It was agreed that Belarus has virtually no unemployment. So, who are leaving?

"Only those who addressed the Employment Center are considered as unemployed, and the people have two big reasons not to address them. Firstly, it is just the mocking size of benefits for the unemployed - around $10. And secondly, they are being forced to take part in the so-called social works. Under the conventional statistics we would not have 0.7% of unemployment, but 7-10%", Yaroshuk said.

The expert points out, at least half a million of Belarusians work abroad. The youth after the graduation think about jobs primarily in the West, when workers mostly go to the East.