Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Debtors will be deprived of rights


Individuals who deviate from the fulfillment of imposition of monetary obligations, will be temporarily deprived of their driver's licenses and hunting rights.

These measures are included in changes to the Civil Procedure Code of Belarus, which come into force on 19 March, the website of the Ministry of Justice informs.

The debtors fall under "temporary restriction of the right to drive motor vehicles, to drive small boats, vessels with outboard engines and watercrafts, to hunt".

The exception will be made for those who need to use the driver license due to a disability, or as the sole means of income.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Justice the competence of courts of general court officers are also extended. They are entitled to rule on the suspension of executive proceedings, on the direction of the executive document to another court for a new place of residence of a debtor.