Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

From 50 to 100 schools are closed in Belarus every year


It has been stated at a press-conference on Thursday by deputy education minister of Belarus Kazimir Faryno.

"Every year Belarus loses from 50 to 100 schools. This year a decision to close 52 educational institutions has been adopted: 18 primary schools, 22 basic schools, 4 secondary schools," the deputy minister said.

K. Faryno informed that this year about 2 mln persons (pupils, students, trainees) are to come to educational institutions of the system of education in Belarus. He specified that 372 thousands are to come to pre-school institutions, 950 thousands to schools, and 100 thousands to the vocational education system, 150 thousands to vocational secondary education system and 430 thousands students to universities.

As said by Deputy Minister, this year 86.3 thousands first-grade pupils will enter schools. At the same time, he noted that in the new school year new educational institutions will be opened, including 9 schools, 2 universities. Besides, new types of educational institutions will appear, cadet academies, K. Farino said. He also added that cadet academies would be opened in Minsk, Slutsk and Polatsk.