Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

“The Night of Political Ads“ to be Held in Minsk


The organisers of the event from the BPF Party plan to show four hundred video examples of foreign production to draw attention to the lack of political advertising in the country.

The organisers of "The Night of Political Ads" say that at first they planned to arrange a demonstration of political videos made in Belarus. But it turned out that there is just one such ad. So they decided to show the brightest videos, ranging from Eisenhower’s campaign ads in 1950s to campaign videos made in neighbouring countries.

"Our aim is simple – to show someone else's ads for our politicians to learn. So that next year we would be able to show examples of Belarusian political ads", said the head of the Commission on Culture of the BPF Party Alyaxandra Klimovich.

At first, around 400 videos were selected for the night show, but since the event was meant to last only four hours, the organisers had to sacrifice some of the ads. Besides, the demonstration will be accompanied by commentaries of PR and political science experts. "The Night of Political Ads" will be held in the BPF office on April 30 from 20:00 to 00:15. If the idea gains response, the event will be larger next year.

Top 5 videos of “The Night of Political Ads"

The pre-election ad of the presidential campaign of Dwight Eisenhower

Campaign ad of the Ukrainian presidential candidate Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Pre-election video of the U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama

And a parody on it made by Republicans

Promo-video of the candidate to Minsk City Council Alyaxandra-Volha Tyhrytskaya