Updated at 13:25,27-05-2024

Minister: Belarus' child and family welfare system is clear, consistent

Minister: Belarus' child and family welfare system is clear, consistent
The child and family welfare system in Belarus is clear and consistent, Belarus' Labor and Social Security Minister Irina Kostevich said on the air of the ONT TV channel, BelTA informs.

“The child welfare system (which can be referred to as family welfare system) has a long history,” said Irina Kostevich. “Today it is multifaceted and smooth and includes financial support, benefits and guarantees that are provided to a child from birth to adulthood. This system has been constantly improving,” Irina Kostevich added.

Absolutely all families raising children in Belarus receive support from the government, the minister noted. “This system functions in such a smooth and clear way that it is already taken for granted. Benefits include maternity allowance, family benefits and paid sick leaves. These benefits amount to Br2.7 billion a year. This support measure is quite substantial, this way the government sends a message that it is ready to financially support families,” Irina Kostevich said.

About 113,000 large families in Belarus opened bank accounts under the family capital program. “On average, 1,200 families open such accounts every month. From 2015 to 2020, the aggregate amount of money provided in the form of family capital was estimated at $825 million, and since 2020, the accounts of large families opened under the family capital program have aggregated a total of Br712 million,” she said.

“In 2020, the government responded to the request of families to allow using family capital ahead of time. The grounds for withdrawing this money prematurely were the following: housing construction (86%), medical services (about 8%), education of children (6%). The project will finish in 2024. Then we will decide who can claim family capital, on what grounds and terms and whether this money can be used ahead of time,” Irina Kostevich concluded.