Updated at 00:49,24-06-2021

Belarusian population down by 600K people


Belstat has published the 2019 census report. According to these data, over 20 years the population of Belarus has decreased by almost 632 thousand people.

The population of the Vitsebsk region has decreased the most — by 241 thousand people. In the Mahiliou region, it has decreased by 189 thousand, in the Hrodna region — by 158 thousand, in the Homiel region — by 157 thousand, in the Brest region — by 137 thousand, in the Minsk region — by 87 thousand.

The population of Minsk has increased by 338 thousand people in 20 years.

The number of rural residents throughout the country has decreased by 976 thousand people, while the urban population figures have increased by 338 thousand.

The average age of residents of Belarus is 40 years.

Almost 8 million people consider themselves Belarusians, 707 thousand people consider themselves Russians, 287 thousand — Poles, 159 thousand — Ukrainians and 13 thousand — Jews.

60.3% of Belarusians marked Belarusian as their native language, and among the Poles of Belarus, 54.4% consider Belarusian as their native language. This is the largest figure among the non-titular nations of our country.