Updated at 13:41,03-10-2022

Belarusian Startup Teslasuit Wins Cool International Award In Las Vegas

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Belarusian Startup Teslasuit Wins Cool International Award In Las Vegas
Belarusians from VRTek won the Best XR Wearable Award at the *DreamlandXR Awards at this month’s CES 2020 Technology Show taking place in Las Vegas.

Teslasuit — known for its full-body haptic feedback suit — introduced a glove that can let users feel virtual textures and gather biometric data.

The Teslasuit Glove is meant for training, medical rehabilitation, and other professional applications. It can also be applied in education, medicine, architecture and engineering, and other fields.

Teslasuit was one of the companies that rode the VR hype train earlier on.

It combines several technologies to create the impression of actually touching objects, capture the motion of users’ hands and record bio-information such as pulse measuring stress and other reactions.

The glove also tracks the hand in full 3d space, allowing for more precise tracking. The Teslasuit Glove can also be paired with the suit to offer nearly full-body motion capture of a person in VR space.

“We’ve created the Teslasuit Glove to expand XR-training capabilities. But the array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. Teslasuit Glove will hit the market in 2nd hаlf 2020; we have already been transforming the XR industry and now we are empowering the user to do so much more,” said Sergei Nossoff, Teslasuit CEO.

Teslasuit Glove’s first public debut brought it the Best XR Wearable Award in the world for augmented reality. Winners were determined by online voting and an international jury in forty categories.

Their Teslasuit has won numerous awards. In 2019, it won the best VR/AR product at CES 2019, the Future Unicorn Award as a promising innovative project and the Red Dot award for best in industrial design.

*DreamlandXR is a festival of technology, music and e-sports. It is dedicated to driving transformative changes in the immersive technology industry that perpetuate the expansion of the medium for both developers and consumers alike.