Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

137,000 Belarusians Got First Residence Permits In Europe Last Year


137,000 Belarusians Got First Residence Permits In Europe Last Year
In 2018, 137,000 Belarusians received first residence permits in the EU countries. Moreover, 9 out of 10 residence permits were issued by Poland, the Eurostat reports.

In total, about 3,2 million first residence permits were issued by the EU to non-EU citizens last year.

Family reasons accounted for almost 28% of all first residence permits, employment reasons for 27%, education reasons for 20%, while other reasons, including international protection, accounted for 24%.

Highest number of first residence permits issued in Poland (20% of total permits), Germany (17%), and the United Kingdom (14%), followed by France, Spain, Italy and Sweden (from 8% to 4%).

Citizens of Ukraine (527,000 people) received the highest number of permits, ahead of citizens of China (206,000), India (197,000), Syria (174,000) and Belarus (138,000 – 92% in Poland).

Poland was the top country for employment-related permits. The UK was the top country in the EU for education-related reasons. Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK issued the highest number of permits for family reasons.

Germany was also the top country in the EU for other reasons, of which the majority were for refugee status and subsidiary protection, and protection for humanitarian reasons.

The reasons for residence permits being issued differ between citizenships. Ukrainians benefited from residence permits mainly for employment reasons (65% of all first permits issued to Ukrainians).

Chinese benefited from residence permits issued for education (67%), while Moroccans (61%) for family reasons. Other reasons were predominant among Belarusians (74%) and Syrians (68%).

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Now about Belarus: last year, 137,689 citizens were first granted residence permits in the EU. 9 out of 10 Belarusians (or almost 127,000 people) headed to Poland, 3,5000 got residence permits in Lithuania and 1,900 in the Czech Republic.

An interesting fact is that Belarus stands out in the reasoning, only 2,7% of permits for issued for family reasons, 4,3% (almost 6,000 people) for education, 19,5% (almost 27,000) for employment. And then there’s 73.5% issued for other reasons.

Other reasons include permits issued for residence only (people with sufficient financial means), international protection status (refugee status and subsidiary protection), humanitarian reasons, and others.