Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

100 Hecaters Chinese Village Will Be Built Near Minsk

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100 Hecaters Chinese Village Will Be Built Near Minsk
A 100 hectares village with national Chinese character and charm will appear near Minsk, Minsk Region Executive Committee reported on Wednesday, 1 July.

In 2017, Minsk region and the city of Chongqing (population of 30 million people) became twin cities. Today the parties have signed a memorandum to establish twin-cities relations.

According to the document, the Chinese investors will build a Chinese village near Minsk and another one with Belarusian character will appear near Chongqing.

Rural dwellings of the Baiyu culture and architectural features of eastern Sichuan will serve as prototypes for the local village. The facility will serve as a platform for Belarusian-Chinese exchanges.

The Chinese partners have already been shown several locations for construction. A land parcel with an approximate area of ​​100 ha will be either in the Minsk or Smolevichi districts.

It should be located not far from the Great Stone and Minsk National Airport. In turn, a Belarusian village will occupy 100 ha in the Chongqing district. Both spots will be used for tourism, trade and cultural exchange.

The Belarusian village in China is expected to appear in a year and a half. The Chinese partners expressed their hope to ensure the same pace of construction of the Chinese village in the Minsk region.

Recall that last year Belarus and China signed an intergovernmental agreement on mutual visa-free entry for ordinary citizens. Belarus is among the few European countries enjoying a visa-free regime with China.

Belarusians can stay in China visa-free for up to 30 days during one trip, but not more than 90 days a year. The same approach applies to Chinese citizens. Visa-free travel covers private, business and tourist trips.