Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

Belarus forms anti-cybercrime unit

Zmitser Mitskevich, belsat.eu

With the special forces like this there’ll be no need for searches — any phone can be easily accessed. If they break into the enemy networks and accounts as successfully as they break into doors, the country will be safe.

Currently, the holding company “AGAT – Control Systems” specialists conduct a global audit in the field of information security. They are testing computer systems and software, conduct analytical and forensic work. Alyaksandr Alessin, an independent military analyst, explains where the potential danger may come from:

“It could be terrorists, and mentally ill people. Besides, there could be the potential and eventual enemy, that during the preparation of aggressive war or aggravation of the political situation may perform a number of cyber sabotage crimes in order to worsen the situation, to bring it to the socio-political protest.”

In our case the most vulnerable facilities can be the Astravets nuclear power plant which will be launched soon. However, cyber security should start from the bottom, experts say.

“A very large number of mailboxes now at Mail.Ru. servers If they want, they will have access to all correspondence. Also, there’s the Kaspersky Anti-Virus — is now accepted all over the world that it is affiliated with the Russian special services structure,” says Syarhei Laurynenka, IT manager.

But we also have achievements. Last year, the whole world came to know our compatriot Syarhei Yarets. He sold the US Federal Bureau of Investigation harmful software. According to Microsoft, it resulted in the bureau losing more than $ 10 million. At home, he only received a fine of 120 basic units, which he didn’t have to pay, because he spent six months in jail. Such people are needed among the modern security services.

“We have a major development of the IT sector, we also have large specialized departments in BSUIR. Of course, the corporation, which can pay a salary much greater than public institutions, are winning the competition for people. But you can get together very strong cyber security teams in Belarus,” says IT Manager Laurynenka.

It would be nice if those teams take care not only about the information government agencies and critical infrastructure facilities, but also the information security of ordinary Internet users.