Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

400 chicks burn in bird refuge in Belarus


On the morning of March 27 Belarus’ only shelter for wild birds burned down in Asipovichy. The fire killed four hundred poult and two storks. The Stalyarous family who keeps poultry house managed to save only nine storks and two ostriches. They still roam through the neighborhood.

The shelter caught fire at 4:30 am. The owners realized this only when the fuses were blown in the electricity counter. According to the owners, the flames were flying very high,” Tut.by reports.

The couple was not able to deal with the fire on its own: the water pumps did not work without electricity. The family tore the fence to avoid the flames spreading to other buildings on the site. Finally, the flame was extinguished by the rescuers.

The fire killed 400 young turkeys and two storks. Also, the fire destroyed the feed for other family pets.

“We were growing turkeys to earn money for the feed for the rest of the birds. Now we have nothing to feed them for and with: we are only left with salaries from the main places of work,” said Zhanna, the owner of the house.

The cause of fire is being established. Arson has not been ruled out.

Private institution “Nature Protection” appeared two years ago on the basis of the orphanage “Poultry-yard”

Private institution “Nature Protection” appeared two years ago on the basis of the orphanage “Poultry-yard”, which has existed since 2013. Here injured wild birds are treated and rehabilitated, held during the winter and, if possible, help is provided to other wild animals, and sometimes to dogs and cats. Photos – ptici.by

Now the owners of the shelter face a problem: where to put the birds and what to feed them with.

The owners will accept any help: building materials, money, any help. One of the ostriches needs to be found.