Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Maradona-Belarus-Mexico: Unexpected statement


Diego Maradona gave apress conference as head coach of Mexican club Dorados de Sinaloa and held an open workout on Monday.

“Everything [documents] was about to be signed [in Belarus], but since there had been some issues with the players, we failed to settle the case. So, we decided to leave it for the future, and I am going to stay here [in Mexico] for a long time,” Maradona made a comment on his cooperation with a Belarusian FC.

In May, the legendary Argentine football player became the board chairman of the FC Dynamo (Brest). It was reported that Diego Maradona would deal with strategic development of the club, as well as interact with all its structural units, including the children’s academy Dynamo-Brest.

Last week the Mexican second division club reported Diego Maradona’s being appointed its technical director. However, Maradona has a valid contract with the Belarusian club until May 2021.

However, rumours have it that the story of Maradona and the Brest club is coming to its end. He seems to have hardly any influence on the events in Dynamo. For example, he agreed on inviting Cristian Kampestrini, but it turned out that the club was not going to buy the Argentine goalkeeper. In addition, Maradona was expected to live in Belarus. But in the end all was limited to one visit in mid July.

On September 7, Diego Maradona published Dynamo Brest’s official statement translated into Spanish. It was released after the Argentine had signed a contract with the Mexican club.

According to the document, Maradona was invited to the organization as honorary president. His major tasks were popularizing the Belarusian football, contributing to its infrastructure, participating in transfers, attracting sponsors and developing youth football.

Maradona may become another Argentine leaving the Belarusian club for Mexico. At the beginning of 2018, its former leader Leonardo Torres did not return to Brest after his vacation. Dynamo Brest failed to make Torres continue his work in accordance with one-and-a-half-year contract.